Back & Spinal

Back problems can occur in all manual work sectors, plus sedentary office workers and those driving cars or trucks.

Orthodox doctors’ treatment for back pain or Sciatica often administers painkillers, even surgery.

Chinese TCM – Shiatsu treats back, neck & shoulder aches hands-on to bring targeted and faster recovery from serious pains and illnesses – without giving drugs.  Give it a go to bring you back to health!


What My Clients Say

“Hi Yen, Wonderful, this week is not crazy.  I feel great overall, bit more relaxed and a lot more clarity as well. My sleep has improved as well.”

AM, Fulham

“Dear Yen, Thank you so much for all this (treatment). My mother is delighted, as we are, that we found you.  Best regards.”

DL, Putney Bridge
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