Shiatsu Massage Therapy

Chinese TCM medicine takes an explicit holistic view of the human patient proven over 4,000 years ago of medical history. 

TCM and Shiatsu treat body and mental pains along its acupuncture lines of “acupoints” using fingers; no drugs, needles or injections. By using my hands on acupoints, I can treat MSK (Musculo-Skeletal) body aches, injuries, joints rapidly for pain-relief. That’s because the human is one united being of mind, body, and spirit.

Now, there are many obvious and immediate advantages to using Western psychiatric drugs (sedatives, painkillers, antidepressants) to treat patients, but Chinese TCM takes a longer term view and treatment for patients.

Many people are not getting the relief they need from Western medical forms of therapy and drugs – while many medications can cause unwanted side effects.

TCM and Shiatsu have benefits using zero drugs and no needles to treat body pains and mental stress rapidly. Proven success in treating Back Pain (incl. Sciatica), aching neck and relieve knee / hip shoulder joint pain to recover limb mobility. 

In addition, stimulation of the acupoints gives pain relief from headaches, indigestion pains, mental stress, women’s health issues and trouble sleeping. It is all in the power of skilled TCM-Shiatsu hands. Come for a trial TCM treatment if your current doctor or therapist is not giving you satisfactory healthcare.


What My Clients Say

“Hi Yen, Wonderful, this week is not crazy.  I feel great overall, bit more relaxed and a lot more clarity as well. My sleep has improved as well.”

AM, Fulham

“Dear Yen, Thank you so much for all this (treatment). My mother is delighted, as we are, that we found you.  Best regards.”

DL, Putney Bridge
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