Women’s health issues

Women’s health problems encompass fundamental Gynaecological Health issues, together with Menstrual variances too.  Sometimes there can be Auto-immune symptoms that result in skin-rash, unpredictable blood flow, headache, vomiting, night sweating and bad body reactions.

Even with hospital MRI scanning advanced healthcare technology and drugs, some of the root causes for Women are very deep down that Chinese TCM – Shiatsu may have a better chance of success. 

Chinese TCM over 4,000 years teaches us that Women’s health issues are complex, and there is no “One size fits all” medicine that will work.  Similarly, Western drugs (antibiotics, painkillers, antidepressants) tend to be very powerful and have some bad side-effects.

In short, a woman’s low energy and body weakness can affect a wide of body organs that appear as different symptoms. A general blood and Qi energy deficiency with excess tiredness are common women’s ailments.

Working hands-on, Chinese TCM – Shiatsu could be better-placed to examine vital soft organs and blood flow in a woman. Come to us for an expert second opinion when you are unsatisfied with other medical examinations.


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