Indigestion / Bloating / Tiredness

Understanding your health problems and curing stomach bloating is not always easy.

Tummy bloating is a common gastrointestinal symptom in society, you may feel very tired all the time. It won’t disappear with some medical tablets or advice.

The reasons why it affects people so may result in several diagnoses – but there may not be a successful doctor’s drug treatment to cure it.  The problem may be mental, work / family stress or even what you eat. 

Come to Chinese TCM – Shiatsu for alternative treatment and Oriental advice to track down the source of the problem. Try us now for a solution.


What My Clients Say

“Hi Yen, Wonderful, this week is not crazy.  I feel great overall, bit more relaxed and a lot more clarity as well. My sleep has improved as well.”

AM, Fulham

“Dear Yen, Thank you so much for all this (treatment). My mother is delighted, as we are, that we found you.  Best regards.”

DL, Putney Bridge
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