Stress-relief and cranial work

Look, cranial therapy is a pretty standard pain-relief technique in the Orient. Shiatsu uses gentle pressure on the head and neck muscles to relieve the stress and mental pain caused in your life.  It feels sometimes that your head is being compressed in a vice by the pressures in your work, social and family life. 

TCM-Shiatsu is non-invasive acupressure of your head and torso acupoints to relieve over-compression or “blockages” in the head and spinal column.

Speaking in the West, irregular or blocked flow of vital cerebro-spinal fluids in your central nervous system makes you ill and in pain. Speaking in the East, “blockages” in your blood and “Qi” energy flow must be released or your vital body fluids will not flow.

Whatever type of medical language you are speaking (East or West) the normal uninterrupted flow of body’s fluids and blood must recommence if you are to get the ability to heal your body and mind.  Come to TCM-Shiatsu to get your cranial circulation and blood flowing and to feel healthy again.


What My Clients Say

“Hi Yen, sorry this week is not crazy. I feel great overall bit more relaxed and a lot more clarity as well. My sleep has improved as well.”

AM, Fulham

“Dear Yen, Thank you so much for all this (treatment). My mother is delighted, as we are, that we found you.  Best regards.”

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