Mental depression

Quite recent medical statistics showed some 20% of adults suffering some form of mental illness. When the depths of COVID isolation hit UK, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affected a likely 33% during Lockdown  (

Anxiety is yet another very common mental health disorder, affecting 18% of the population.  We find ourselves busier treating people in the COVID era for depression, tiredness, anxiety than just simple body pains or disorders.

While many of mental depression and stress issues in people are categorized into neat boxes – techniques such as CBT talking or drugs are not guaranteed to cure mental depression in any way. Stress, stomach indigestion, eating disorders, bad sleeping, excess tiredness, inability to think or act coherently.  

While your GP doctor may use conventional treatment involving a lot of therapy talking and giving drugs, this is not the Chinese TCM way to better health. We feel that drug addiction and abuse are simple get-outs from a complex and painful set of problems. We do not recommend treating a mental disorder and getting a drug or alcohol addiction back in return as an adequate form of medical care.

Mental health issues affect our thoughts and our actions – that impact greatly upon the people we work and live with in our daily lives. So, Chinese TCM examining mental health will look at the whole person and what they went through historically.  Given the mental health problems coming from injuries, trauma or abuse, family history or work nature – only then can TCM delve into psychological disorders.

Chinese TCM treatment for depression, anxiety and mental stress involves an examination of the head and abdomen areas – this is quite ironic. Chinese medicine has recognized for 4,000 years the thinking link between the brain, gut and the body’s inner organs. TCM can see depression as stagnated “Qi” energy of the liver, kidney, spleen, and/or heart.  Come to us for a TCM examination and ”trust in your gut” to get healthier.


What My Clients Say

“Hi Yen, Wonderful, this week is not crazy.  I feel great overall, bit more relaxed and a lot more clarity as well. My sleep has improved as well.”

AM, Fulham

“Dear Yen, Thank you so much for all this (treatment). My mother is delighted, as we are, that we found you.  Best regards.”

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